Friday, June 13, 2008

13 June 2008 - Nutrition

"What food you you eat on an event like this?" is a question I frequently get asked. I have done some research on this and come up with some conclusion which I will test on this event. One of the key factors is:'we cannot replace everything we expend during exercise, but we can keep ourselves going all day long if we replenish appropriately'. As a rule of thumb, calorie/water/electrolyte intake will run approximately one-third of expenditure during endurance exercise. Also it should be remembered that fructose, sucrose, glucose, and other simple sugars are poor carbohydrate sources for fueling your
body during exercise.

I have opted for the Hammmer Nutrition range of sports fuels. There is a vast range of products but I have opted to go with Perpetium and Endurolite during the race and Recoverite after the ride each day. It should also be remembered that the optimum time for a recovery during is within 30 minutes of finishing your exercise. There are also different types of protein that you should take for replenishment, a soy based product during exercise and a way based product during recovery. Anyone interested in endurance nutrition should download a free copy of The Endurance Athlete’s Guide To Success. We have also stocked up with biltong, sweets, nuts, fruit cake, hot cross buns etc. as comfort food for afterwards. I have also prepared 2 bottles of Old Brown Sherry with chillies inside, for the long cold evenings.

We have decided to catch the train to Petermaritsburg. The train leave on Saturday at 18:20 from Johannesburg station. The last time I went on an overnight train was when I was in the army coming back from Walvis Bay. This should be an interesting experience, especially arriving at 5:30 in the morning in Petermaritsburg, but its all part of the adventure.


Dick said...

Hi Doug! All the best for Ride to Rhodes! Perpetuem is a good product but beware, it gives you gas! Hygene is going to be important, make sure yoiu keep cleaning out hydratiojn bag bladders and gel bottles. 2 of my mates, Di Stephens and Steve Burnetta are starting FC the day after you. I hope you dont see them en route! Keep up the blog.

Tanya said...

Hi there,

Also try coconut as a way to replace calories in the evening. Coconut oil is very high in calories, the bonus is it behaves like a carbohydrate. So your body will just store it all up for the next day. There are heaps of articles on the net. Coconut oil it awful to drink…so go for the chocolate bars instead…I would add these to your comfort food bags…yummy!!!

Mari Els said...

Hi Doug and Fi and Mark - you guys ROCK!
hope you read this before your start - as i am writing this probably as you are doing a final gear packing check and saying goodbye to loved ones.
Have an awesome ride and remember to stop often and smell the earth and veld and sun and wind (just ignore the sweat ok). Cant wait for some pics and the rest of the blog.
oh Doug, wim wanna know when you doing the comrades?

Aileen said...

My sweetie is on the train starting an amazing adventure. Kayla was very excited by the trains and by waving goodbye to Dada. I hope you have an absolutely awesome amazing fantastic adventure and can take in every moment of it. Keep in the present even when you are rock climbing up some pass with you bike on your back. I love you x Aileen