Sunday, June 15, 2008

15 June 2008 - Comrades Day

None of us had a particularly good sleep on the train. It is not a smooth ride like you would find on the European trains. The whole night the train stopping, starting, veering from side to side, but I am sure you could get used to it. Our coffee arrive at about 05:30 (twice) good old railway coffee.

We arrived at the station at 6:00 on had to quickly unload all out kit and try and get the bikes off as well. I had to take the saddle off mine to get it out. Not sure how we got it on. So now we are outside the station with a mountain of kit and three bikes trying to find a taxi. Mark dissapeared and arrived back with a minibus and 3 'drivers' we started to load all the kit while Mark negotiated the price. Everything managed to fit onto the minibus, bikes without front wheels stacked horizontally on top of the seats, Fiona and I squashed onto a seat and Mark somehow 'woven through the bikes.

Eventually we arrived at Aintree Lodge, had breakfast and checked in. Mark an I decided to cycle down to the finish of the Comrades Mariton and watch the willnes come in. It was a great experience. Then went down to the local Mall to get some last minute bits and pieces. A quick nap in the afternoon refershed us all.

Final packing is now taking place. They must be crazy, you want us to get all this kit into this tiny box!!!! Sta thats the status at the moment. A lot of excitement and trepidation for tomorrows ride.

Hopefully the post will be from McKenzie tomorrow.

Doug, Fiona & Mark

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