Saturday, June 14, 2008

14 June 2008 – Train Trip


Today was fraught with having to decide what to pack, what not to pack...what if I need this, etc. Oh shit, I forgot to buy this etc. Then the dilemma of trying to fit everything into this bag, overall a pretty stressful afternoon.

We than got to Johannesburg station, platform 15. It has certainly changed since I last rode trains. We found our coach and compartments. Thanks to Mark, we got 3 compartments, one for the boys, one for Fiona and one for the bikes. Mark made friends with the train manager (conductor), Precious, who has been an absolute star. The train is called the Shosholosa Meyl.

All our loved ones were there to see us off, this made us realise that this is now the beginning of the aventure. It was quite exciting and I think we all felt like excited kids going off in the train.

We had a fantastic meal on board in the dining car... steak egg and chips, Malva pudding, beers and coffee for under R100. Not bad at all.

They are bringing us coffee at 05:00 tomorrow morning in bed (Aileen take note) and we arrive in Petermaritsburg at 5:30 tomorrow morning.


Aileen said...

I am happy for you - coffee at 5 am sounds awful if your eyes are very tightly closed against the winter chill.

Aileen said...

I have sent this on behalf of Paul

Sterkte boet!!!

I've just caught up with your blog - wow that sounds fantastic.

May those beautiful Natal and Transkei landscapes look after you, and may the derailleur tokoloshes stay well away from your bike.

Hell that's such a special part of the world.

Now how come no-one ever told me about that OBs/chilli trick? Sounds fascinating, but I presume you need to be a little careful getting the mix right if you're spending the next few days in the saddle... Oooh!

Have a cracker, and know that over here we'll be tracking your progress daily. What was it Suzie says.. oh yes, remember that pain's just weakness leaving the body.

Have fun!!!!


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